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Why the British burned the Old Summer Palace: the most severe blow to the Qing Emperor: the British have to fire the Old Summer Palace, one of the most important reasons is to the Qing government, the most severe blow of the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, the Qing government to compromise, foreign foreign yield, this is their most fundamental objective. This paper from the ruins of Old Summer Palace map: people.com.cn, author: Wang Kaixi, Ji Peng, the original title: Wang Kaixi: Old Summer Palace fire is British, from what is burnt down in Old Summer Palace? For this reason, we have a lot of historians, it is estimated that there are more than ten kinds of. History is the mainstream view is: "after the British and French troops looted Old Summer Palace, they looted Old Summer Palace in order to cover up the evidence, stolen goods to extinction", many textbooks have to say. This statement, from a book called the second Opium War, published in 1965. The book said: "Old Summer Palace disaster so, but Erkin thought not enough, but also destroy the evidence of looting". The Old Summer Palace is burned in order to destroy evidence. If this is the "Cultural Revolution" or "Cultural Revolution" in the works, not objective enough to understand. But in 2005, Wang Rongzu’s quest for the "Old Summer Palace" also said: "Erkin was the entire Old Summer Palace razed to the ground, it is intended to destroy the evidence. So, many stolen treasures cannot be counted out." 2008, Dai Yi "written by Mr. China" among the modern epic release said: "in order to capture the behavior of hide evil invaders actually come up with a fire, to the deadly trap." We speak of national feelings, national standpoint and the scientific history should be consistent, we can not stand for the nation, regardless of scientific history, to restore the historical truth, is questionable. Why? First, people who hold this view not according to detailed historical data, we engage in the history of the people, I can not believe that reasonable, say, should be based on. Can not find the historical basis of the view is untenable. Second, people who hold this view, with a lot of subjective color most probably it did not actually happen. Why take it for granted? Some movies, novels, the story goes, the emperor palace eunuchs in some treasures, paintings stolen to sell. Then fear was brought to light, put to fire. This is a description of the novel we often see. When the eunuch embezzlement, has not been discovered who stole the emperor’s treasure, set fire to the warehouse may muddle through, to protect themselves. However, the burning of the Old Summer Palace is under the public during peaceful times, for three days, the fire has been of no avail. Logically illogical. Third, why did the British Army fire Old Summer Palace? In fact, the British themselves have a very clear statement. The British captain Grant said: "since the Qing government for the British captured most of them killed, sir Erkin and I think it must be the emperor punished, and leave some traces for revenge." Erkin’s private secretary also said: "Old Summer Palace is completely destroyed, not only can not easily leave a permanent presence in people’s minds, devoid of traces, and can prove that the coalition has hit the ground running, occupied Beijing swagger before others.".相关的主题文章: