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Will you come this time? Torres invited the world exposure Hengda contract the most generous – Sohu   sports; Beijing time since November 4, according to Spanish media "futbolisto" reported that the Atletico Madrid striker, the famous Spanish star Fernando – Torres, has received the ball team from the super high price to lure. Torres’s contract with Atletico Madrid will expire in June next year, and now he has to face a difficult choice. "Futbolisto" said, Guangzhou Hengda has become one of the biggest potential buyers Torres, according to reports, Hengda is committed to providing a copy of "the world’s most generous" contract for Torres, a veteran Robinho had worked in Brazil who invest heavily in the past, this time invited Torres to join is not out of thin air. This season, the 32 year old Torres continue to serve as the main striker, in Atletico Madrid last season, Torres scored 11 league goals, a few months left his contract came to an end, although Torres has been declared his desire to end the occupation career in the horse race, but Spanish media generally believe that a better offer will change his the future. Fernando Torres was born in 1984, was known as the "golden boy", helped the Spanish team swept the European Cup and the world cup, especially the 2008 European Championship, he used a dead ball helped Spain win. Previously, there is news that the super team intends to introduce Torres, I do not know the face of lavish Guangzhou Evergrande, Torres will not come. (Alse)相关的主题文章: