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Elope raised problems: the supervision and release of slow cut business chiefs helpless – fund channel in recent years as regulators of the public fund license release, more and more private institutions began to actively apply for the establishment of public fund company, the PE Department raised also continue to emerge, but the Beijing Daily reporter found that the rate of securities private institutions with raised a license is slightly slow, the reason is that regulatory concerns become a stumbling block before the date of transfer of benefits, just approved, raised to get a license of sunshine private gangster Yang Aibin even cut off the original private business was successfully set up public fund company. Nevertheless, the "elopement public" is still under expectation. Sunshine private hands slowly SFC latest disclosure "securities, fund management institutions administrative licensing application acceptance and review publicity form" (hereinafter referred to as the "publicity table"), there are 37 fund companies waiting for regulators to receive approval, which many well-known private institutions raised a license application form, such as Chongyang investment, Bo Road investment, but compared to the equity private institutions have raised a license rate of private securities is slow. As early as December last year, the domestic large private Chongyang investment had to apply for the establishment of public fund companies "Chongyang Fund Management Company Limited", but after the three quarter, "publicity table" display, the application for the establishment of Chongyang fund is still in the acceptance stage to decide whether. In addition, in May 27th of this year, Shanghai Bo Road investment also submitted to the Commission to set up a public fund company’s application, the same has not yet been formally accepted. It is worth mentioning that the 2013 implementation of the "regulatory information management agencies raised fund management Interim Provisions" and the new fund law, open public fund business license has to meet the conditions of the private equity fund, brokerage, insurance and other information management agencies. According to the requirements of private equity fund managers as asset management institutions should meet the application to carry out public fund management business: paid in capital of not less than 10 million yuan, the last three years of securities asset management scale average of not less than 2 billion yuan, more than three years management experience in recent three years and the securities assets management of securities products with good performance etc.. Beijing Daily reporter inquiries found that earlier submitted the application for the establishment of the company raised funds Chongyang investment, has been basically meet the target in the mandatory application threshold on. Data shows, Chongyang investment paid in capital of 20 million yuan, the recent information management scale has more than 20 billion yuan, nearly seven years of investment management experience for private sun. In May this year to declare Shanghai Bo Tao investment the establishment of public fund companies, paid in capital is as high as 20 million yuan, the private equity chiefs Mo Taishan under the management of the asset management scale has exceeded 12 billion yuan, has been established for over three years. In fact, the license application for the public offering of private sector executives, also have rich experience in public fund management, such as the chairman of the Taishan Mo Bo Road investment bank, served as deputy general manager of Bank of Communications Schroder Fund Management Co, director and general manager, after Ben private tide, Shanghai Chongyang joined Cci Capital Ltd as the general manager. Then he created portal investment to build Bo Road investment. Regulatory concerns about the transfer of interest so why the private placement of the sun raised.相关的主题文章: