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Woman suspected her husband was having an affair with mobile phone off the suspicious nose – Beijing, Beijing, November 12 Taizhou Xinhua (reporter He Jiangyong correspondent Li Jie Ge Xianghui) because his wife playing mobile phone suspected was having an affair with her husband, wife students blade will cut off the nose. This "love", it makes people shiver all over though not cold. 12 days, reporters from the Zhejiang province Taizhou Wenling City Court was informed that the hospital of intentional injury case verdict, the defendant longmou was sentenced to 2 years in prison. From Hunan, a 42 year old, who is relatively strong, his wife Lee is younger than his age of 9, the two married for 8 years, a child and a woman. Because of life trivia, the couple often quarrel, long drink will hit things, but also hit. 2014 once, the couple had a dispute because of money problems, Lee was beaten by a dragon, lying in the hospital for half a month. Lee with his daughter, working in a hotel in Wenling, in March 2015, the dragon also came to Wenling, with people learn welding, work is not very satisfactory. In the early morning of April 1st, longmou drank a lot of wine, with Lee eyebrow shaving blade cleaning his face skin, Lee then lying in bed playing with mobile phone. Looking at his wife every day is always bustling about, with two mobile phone chat, longmou been unhappy, thought she was having an affair, want her back home in Hunan with their own. In a word, two people quarrel. "Let your face. Don’t let others close to you, so that I can be with you." In a rage, holding a long knife scraping eyebrow toward Lee’s nose was cut down, and hand out of the window. Li Mouliu saw a lot of blood, he also panic, suddenly sober, immediately dialed 120 and sent his wife to the hospital for treatment. Later, Lee’s family reported. After identification, Lee suffered from nasal defect caused by external force of more than 30%, constitutes serious injury two. Longmou fled, until May 2016 to surrender, and compensation for the Lee 180 thousand yuan, made his wife’s understanding. August 31st, the Wenling Municipal People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of intentional assault to the court to prosecute. I’m sorry, all the thing is I make blind and disorderly conjectures." On the court, longmou regret, but he denied that he often performed domestic violence to his wife. He also said: in addition to these two children, as well as the ex-wife of the birth of the two children, plus the old mother of the age of more than and 70 also need to support themselves sick, I hope the judge sentenced to probation." But the public prosecutor has pointed out that this is atypical family violence, male ineloquent, easy to use violence to solve the problem, based on the female domestic shame should not be published without saying, the patient will only make the other easier to use violence to solve the problem. Because of the long knife blade intentional injury to others, causing serious injury, should be held criminally responsible for intentional injury. Although longmou have surrendered, compensation and obtain understanding and voluntarily pleaded guilty in court and other extenuating circumstances, but it should not apply to probation. 12, the reporter learned from the Wenling City, Zhejiang court, the Court adopted the views of the public prosecutor, in order to intentional assault sentenced to imprisonment for up to five years in prison for a period of two years. (end)相关的主题文章: