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World car free day in Taiyuan road "wide" low carbon travel public praise for the September 22nd 9 pm, past the vehicle intensive nanneihuan street more smoothly. Photo by reporter Li Zhaomin Shanxi daily news (reporter Cao Xiujuan Intern Wang Jingwei) September 22nd, the provincial capital of the taxi driver master feeling driving significantly smoother than usual. Early morning of the same day, Taiyuan South inner ring street, Jianshe Road and other streets, vehicles significantly reduced, many people joined the car free day activities, the choice of public transport travel. September 22nd is the world car free day, but also China’s tenth car free day. This car free Day theme "green transportation, smart travel", which encourages people to consider individual and society to bear the transportation cost, choose the green transportation mode public transport, walking and cycling economy, intensive. September 21st, the Taiyuan municipal government issued a notice, 22, as early as 7 pm to the evening of 7 in the central region to carry out green travel activities". On that day the city government organs and institutions in addition to confidential vehicles, ambulances, police cars, fire engines, cars, administrative law enforcement, public funeral car industry rescue vehicles, all bus stop one day. Today is a car free day, the government proposed low-carbon travel, so chose to go out by bus." A woman who worked with the letter Moore told reporters. 864 bus driver Yan Wang told reporters that the day of the car, the number of people increased significantly, along the way feel private car is really less, running faster than usual. In order to meet the demand of the public car free day, Taiyuan City Bus Company Limited in passing a number of bus lines in the row area, an increase of more than 10% flights. In addition to the number of buses, select the new energy taxi travel is not a small number of people. Taxi driver Duan told reporters that today’s road situation is good, open the car to smooth much more than usual in the city to run a few times. An accident statistical data from Taiyuan city traffic police detachment also showed that 22 morning peak 7 to 5 pm, in the city a total of 231 accidents, compared with the first period of 337 days, significantly reduced. "No car day" in the world, we really should be for those who lay down their private cars, the choice of low-carbon travel Taiyuan people point praise!相关的主题文章: