Wuhan, the first suite of the minimum down payment to 30% after the implementation of the purchase v spyair

Wuhan’s first suite of minimum down payment to 30% after the implementation of the purchase of the purchase volume plummeted reporter Liao Qiao loans to further increase the threshold slightly. Changjiang Daily reporter learned yesterday, in the city of 10 restricted loan area, the first suite of the minimum down payment ratio raised from 25% to 30%, the lowest down payment ratio of two suites is 50%. The industry generally believe that the overweight Jiangcheng property market regulation policy, is to supplement the October 3rd purchase credit limit policy, will further promote the market return to reason. Minimum mortgage Shoufu again yesterday, the people’s Bank of China Wuhan branch, the Hubei provincial banking regulatory bureau jointly issued a notice, specifically the implementation of differentiated mortgage policy. In accordance with the notification requirements, the mortgage tightening area and the October 3rd credit limit restriction area, namely, Jiang’an and Jianghan, Hanyang, Wuchang, Qiaokou District Qingshan, Hongshan, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone (excluding East Lake, Hannan) eco tourism scenic area. This means that the new city is still not within the scope of the policy adjustment. Specifically, the 10 area, no room in Wuhan households, the minimum Shoufu ratio increased from 25% to 30%; a set of housing in Wuhan residents to buy second homes, the minimum down payment ratio of 50% for loans; have a set of more housing in the Chinese non permanent residents in Wuhan, to suspend loans; the city residence of the family has 2 or more housing units in the Han Dynasty, the suspension of loans. The increase in bank lending threshold, in addition to a suite, two suites down payment ratio were raised, the outside world to buy a suite of two, local buyers and more than three sets of housing policy has not changed. That is to say, in 10 the credit limit restriction area, foreigners to buy two suites can only choose a one-time payment of the full purchase, and are forbidden to buy three suites; Wuhan local residents to buy three or more housing units and can only buy a house. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter from the Agricultural Bank of China branch in Hubei, Wuhan branch of the Industrial Bank and other confirmed that the bank has received notice issued. At the same time, the reporter in several towns in the sale of real estate to the real estate marketing center has yesterday received a notice of the housing policy adjustment, and has been from the beginning of the day in the sales field, inform the implementation of the new policy. City Housing Authority said the regulation policy documents issued in October 3rd has made it clear that in the Hubei market interest rate pricing discipline mechanism after the resolution of individual housing credit limit policy implementation under the guidance of the people’s Bank of Wuhan branch, Hubei banking bureau. Therefore, the price of the property market regulation policy, after the policy refinement and extension. After the new deal, the decline in the property market turnover in some areas of the real estate mortgage policy tightening, so that buyers, developers are expected to change the psychological. Yesterday, the developers said that the credit limit restriction policy is more for foreign investment speculators, yesterday to limit credit tightening policy is generally improved housing threshold, whether it is the first suite or two suites, the lowest Shoufu ratio will increase to a certain extent, so that buyers consider more buyers psychological expectations change makes hesitation increased, a longer cycle time. .相关的主题文章: