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Xiamen Zhangzhou City Xixi Avenue, the main bridge closure is the world’s most wide single tower cable-stayed bridge in the new network, after closure of Xiazhang Bridge Road in Xixi city. Zhang Junguang photo Beijing, Wuhan, November 14, (Sui Yehui Tang Weiliu long Bing and Xu Jinbo) in November 14th, the construction of Xiamen and Zhangzhou connecting Fujian Zhangzhou Xiamen City Road Bridge in Xixi successful closure post two air Bureau by here, the bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with single tower is currently the world’s most wide. According to reports, Xiamen Zhangzhou City Avenue is a set of tourism, leisure, transportation, landscape in one of the modern city expressway, connecting Xiamen and Zhangzhou, the line length of 26 km, across the board by two-way 6 lane to 8 lane highway standards (city expressway and main function) design, the design speed of 80 kilometers road. In the two Construction Bureau of air Xiamen Zhangzhou City Avenue Sand Island Bridge is the key line of control engineering, Zhangzhou is located in Longhai City, is a large bridge across Longjiang, nine sand island, a total length of 3.12 kilometers, including the North River Bridge, North Creek Bridge, sand island, Xixi bridge vertical interconnection Xixi bridge, the project contract amount of 880 million yuan, started in July 18, 2014, the duration of 912 days. Among them, Xixi bridge adopts the "composite structure tower + ultra wide beam + mixed twisting cable", this is the first time in Fujian province; the maximum span of 200 meters, 47 meters wide span steel box girder in side span concrete, Liang Kuan 51 meters, the width of the deck in the single tower cable-stayed bridge in the world’s first principal; 134.6 meters high tower, tower above the deck to the side span is tilted 8 degrees. It is reported that the project is located in Fujian Zhangzhou is a maritime climate, a month from June to October belongs to the typhoon period, Xixi bridge is located in tidal waters, the maximum tidal range 6.7 m, the geology is complex, and the bridge is "unique structure design of tower + ultra wide beam + mixed twisting cable", make the construction difficult. The construction unit in the two air Bureau through the application of new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment, has successfully overcome the complex geological foundation construction, tower pier beam consolidation and steel-concrete section construction, complex structure wide span beam concrete girder construction of several construction problems, to ensure the successful closure of bridge. (end)相关的主题文章: