Xiaochang baby girl suffering from intracranial brain tumor water head as big as the ball no money t-foldercure

Xiaochang baby girl suffering from intracranial brain tumor water head as big as the ball no money to cure hope to rescue a 9 month old girl Kexin, sleep and vomiting milk love in 2 months of his birth, a few months down the development of she has become "taitouwawa", such as head football. The parents took her to a children’s Hospital in Wuhan, is ventricle tumors cause hydrocephalus. Doctors said that only through surgery to remove the tumor, her big head to return to normal. However, the operating costs of nearly 100 thousand yuan, for the poor family is tantamount to astronomical figures. The baby vomit milk into a snooze by "Datouwawa" Kexin mother called Tang Qian, 24 years old this year; father’s name is Song Xinyue, 26 years old this year, is the Xiaochang County town building garden village 2 groups. In 2014 twenty-three the twelfth lunar month, Song Xinyue and Tang Qian into the marriage hall. In 2015 twenty-seven the twelfth lunar month, their daughter Kexin was born. But the birth of Xin, for the poor family has brought a trace of warmth and joy. However, in the back 2 months, the new parents found her very sleepy, sucking a jet after repeated vomiting, consulting the village elders, everyone thought the snooze and vomiting milk is normal newborns appear more. Later, the new moon and Tang Qian gradually found that her daughter can be more and more unusual circumstances, her head was very strange, and slowly expanded to football so big, and the eyes look dull, inflexible. Song Xinyue and Tang Qian will soon be sent to the hospital for examination, the results make them surprised. CT and MR imaging examination, Kexin cerebral ventricle ependymoma, and midbrain aqueduct jams, the formation of obstructive hydrocephalus caused by a large head, oppressed brain poor spirit, sleep, vomiting and other symptoms. The doctor said, because patients head football is so big, and suffering from severe intracranial hypertension, so at any time of danger, only through surgical resection of the tumor, her "big head" to return to normal, but the operation and later cost about 100 thousand yuan. A listen to say to 100 thousand yuan of operating expenses, Song Xinyue and Tang Qian almost into a desperate situation, because their family was very poor, simply can not raise the cost. Big head like a ball no money to treat the hope can save your grandpa Song Yaoping 51 years old this year, suffering from severe stomach disease and spinal bone hyperplasia, lost the ability to work; his grandmother, Xu Chunhua suffering from severe heart disease. Because grandpa and grandma perennial rely on medication to maintain life, so the family not only has no savings in debt. 2014 Song Xinyue and Tang Qian married, the family borrowed some foreign debt, has not been repaid. The doctor said, need to do surgery to remove the tumor, although Kexin suffering from cancer and is close to the brainstem, brainstem surgery "high", but the operation must be done, otherwise she may arise at any time deadly brain herniation. Song Xinyue and Qian Tang could not bear to see her daughter was killed and the tumor, daughter at home, Grandpa and grandma Song Yaoping entrusted to the care of Xu Chunhua, stepped on the south to earn money to save her daughter the way to work. In the case of cornered, Kexin grandpa Song Yaoping and grandma Xu Chunhua had to resort to the media. The morning of October 6th, I went to Xiaochang County town village garden building, saw a small Xin, the baby was lying in the head, has the size of football. Can be used in the eyes of life相关的主题文章: