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Xiu Zhicheng first settled Tussauds Wax Museum of South Korean female artist: too much like a Sohu entertainment "color of the pupil and next to fine hair like as like as two peas!" "Please love my twins!" Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Intern Zhang Siyi reported on September 15th Xu Jia Ceng Wenyu the day before, the popular Korean goddess Suzy to visit the Madame Tussaud’s in Hongkong, the world’s first to unveil his waxwork, she became the first female artist in the Madame Tussaud’s of korea. Suzy is very dedicated, earlier from South Korea to Hongkong, immediately went to the rehearsal unveiling ceremony of the museum. On the same day she also came to the scene early preparation, 12 hours and media and fans meet. A play, she had to say hello to everyone in Cantonese, dressed in a white dress with simple fresh makeup, skin white lips very pleasant. The long-awaited, Suzy for his wax unveiled the curtain opened, the audience exclaimed: "like ah!" The white dress and Suzy wax on the day of the same clothing, makeup hair styling is almost synchronous. The wax using hand than love posture, Suzy said this is to make people more happy photo specially designed Pose. Suzy said, wax face very realistic, true to life, not much difference between her, she was shocked when I first met! The opening ceremony, Suzy stood beside the wax posing and wax. Probably is to see the "other" too magical, show wisdom has been laughing too close to mouth, to become the first stationed in Hongkong Madame Tussaud’s Korean female artist, she said it was a great honor. The scene, Hongkong Madame Tussaud’s staff gave Suzy Q version of a doll, watched a small two "self", Suzy admits a good mood: "this feeling is really strange!" After the opening ceremony, the Nandu reporter and show wisdom conducted in-depth exchanges. In the interview, she gives her wax high praise "eye color and fine hair next to the ears, it is as like as two peas, too much like!" In order to so lifelike figures, Suzy also paid a lot, she said the measure data need to maintain the same action for 7 hours, at the end of the arm hurts, the smile on the face is stiff! Show wise starring drama "any attachment" just finished, her role is what fatal charm? She said: "feel shy about spoiled!" She admitted that her in real life is not very spoiled, but there are a lot of fanciful scenes in the drama, shooting more when they feel shy. After last week’s episode of "any attachment", many viewers said they would send a knife to the screenwriter, because it was too sad! Suzy said she did not think that this is a sad ending, although the handsome (Jin Yubin ornaments) passed away, but Xiaoyi (Xiu Zhishi) will be better for him to live. Speaking of the way to keep beauty, Suzy said "very simple": one or two times a week deposited mask, daily use skin care products, drink plenty of water. The way of fitness is not complicated, generally choose to run or do stretching exercises, idol singer, she will often practice dancing. Looking for a long time. Finally in Hongkong!相关的主题文章: