Xu Dongdong ace Conference on Xiaofan audience tears change fortune-shiyang

Xu Dongdong "ace" Conference on Xiaofan audience tears become fortune Tencent entertainment news October 1st, directed by Jing Wong, Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Ouyang Nana, Xu Dongdong starred in the movie "trump card" to celebrate the national day with ACE, burst release. In September 23rd, the film held a press conference in Guangzhou, which plays "Rebecca" domineering female leader sexy goddess Xu Dongdong stunning debut, the scene bursting point, the goddess unexpectedly "cry" Dongdong into tears beauty. The "trump card" turned "funny ACE ACE ACE suck" Dongdong laugh to tears throughout the conference site, full of laughter, they show ace funny skills, but frankly Hu thanked Xu Dongdong in the film plays the female leader "rebecca". It is because of "Rebecca" ordered her to suck the body of Huang Xiaoming that she can have a poisonous insect, kissing and Huang Xiaoming male god. Here, you also joked that the "trump card" with ace can become the "trump card" suck ace who knows, his words, but by the scene of a laugh, and the goddess Dongdong laughed to tears. This is the legendary laugh out of the realm! Modesty disguises this is shocking Dongdong nervous when the host asked how decreed by fate, in the play if there is abuse of a few men of God, she says modestly since this is the first time in Jing Wong’s big brother, Andy Lau, when Xiao Mingge and several other men of God, is still relatively tight, and there is no they live in a joke, I can only hope to know the role, the role of "Rebecca" play. She also admitted that the mother in a few years ago to his fortune, said he would one day and the presence of several men of God in the film, who decreed by fate does happen, reply to Jing Wong director and Andy Lau brother also funny, and you a movie, is a fortune teller to do! Suddenly, the whole scene opened the pot, the audience laughed.相关的主题文章: