Yang Hongji dialogue the government should limit the high paycheck actor-isobuster

Yang Hongji dialogue: the government should limit the high paycheck actor Yang Hongji Jackie the Sina entertainment news on September 20th afternoon, Sina micro-blog held a joint Party Committee Party committee, "I and my motherland — to celebrate the 67 birthday of the motherland" forum, micro-blog CEO Wang Gaofei, micro-blog vice president Cao Zenghui, the famous singer Yang Hongji and network information office related to leadership micro-blog, V and other sectors attended the seminar. As a nearly forty year old Communist Party, at the forum with their own personal experience with Yang Hongji, sharing their stories into the grassroots service for the officers and men, also expressed as a proud member of the Communist Party. For decades, Yang Hongji has been insisting for officers and soldiers in service, have left his footprints and singing from the border outpost to the war front, as long as the performance for the soldiers, even the most difficult post, I have to go." Yang Hongji also think soldiers are thinking, anxious soldiers are anxious, in the early 60s, Yang Hongji forces in addition to singing condolences soldiers, but also to bring a barber’s clippers, "at that time the troops under about three or four months, often found the soldiers of the hair is not clean, I bought a hair clipper on their own, to take around relatives and friends to do the experiment, then forces soldiers for a haircut, and is twenty years." Yang Hongji said that over the years, every time he went abroad, there is always a sense of loss, because of the motherland, especially miss, whenever I sing "I and my motherland," this song is particularly emotional. Forum site, Yang Hongji regardless of his own throat edema, insist on the scene to sing a song, the song "my motherland" and I sing the audience enough, Yang Hongji also sang a classic songs "Yangtze River flowing east". Although already 75 years old, but Yang Hongji still vigorous voice loud and clear, the exquisite degree of singing is not inferior to the young, talked about Yang Hongji bluntly cannot do without the party’s care and training. Yang Hongji said that in 1961 the head of the troupe invited to spend money for everyone a vocal music teacher counseling vocal, your vocal skills are the basis of the lay, so I always feel grateful. Finally, Yang Hongji also personally huihaopomo, forget the beginning of the heart "of the four characters written in bold," I will not forget the early heart, still have to serve the people, not for the leadership of the party, no strong motherland." Sina entertainment dialogue Yang Hongji: Sina entertainment: today your throat uncomfortable, edema, why do we insist on singing? Yang Hongji: by sina.com.cn excited users very much, many netizens also support to me, chat with you here, don’t sing not to go, we all know I sing better than say something (laugh). A few days ago I made somehow with periarthritis of shoulder, throat is dumb, but if the difficulties encountered on the back, I’m afraid I’m sorry the title of the communist. The soldiers say, what if there is a matter of life and death, are members of the Communist Party rush, of course it wasn’t what I had to sing a song well, still not to make much sacrifice, I try my best to sing songs dedicated to you).相关的主题文章: