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Yang Zi college Romance: he is not rich but had Yang Zi on the current university denied love with vigour and vitality is a program before the show after breast tycoon Xu Qing sun back London November 3rd news November 2nd broadcast of the Venus interviewed small artistes Yang Zi. The program for the first time Yang Zi also confessed himself of a relationship, is the next class. She also revealed that the family has children, Song Dandan had advised her not to enter the entertainment circle, the circle is too messy. I long is not so beautiful, it is better to study hard." Early last year, Yang Zi’s love had been exposed, two people were photographed kissing in the car. Subsequently, her boyfriend was also exposed, her boyfriend named He Peng, Beijing Film Academy 2010 comic dialogue, comedy show class, with the same session of the Yang Zi. Chuan he Peng is rich two generations, the father is a coal boss. Yang Cheng Zitan himself in the university to talk about a love, but he does talk about a love with vigour and vitality. When Venus wants to keep talking, Yang Zi says it’s all over. Asked not to fall in love with the wealthy, Yang Zi waved their hands, said no no. During the interview, Yang Zi also revealed that he was filming "Ode to joy" second. Asked the most like to play what role, Yang Zi said from the start you want to play the song Xiao Xiao, "I want to play Qu Xiao at that time — read the script that wants to play the song Xiao Xiao, but the director said only Qiu Yingying." Yang Zi bluntly played after Qiu Yingying, had met the people hand tear, she also smiled and clarified, said: definitely not the character starred in the Qiu Yingying Qiu Yingying."相关的主题文章: