Yanguobamao grassroots corruption fiercer than tigers – Sohu comments-4000dy

Yanguobamao grassroots corruption fiercer than tigers – Sohu reviews the families of conscripts 5000 yuan preferential payments by the village committee members for disabled, training fees were divided, the village cadres to the grassroots clerk low chinakayao…… 8, the Commission website Hunan 25 "yanguobamao type of corruption typical problems. (August 8th Beijing news client). Grassroots cadres and the government’s policy is the last pass of Huimin landing. People used to grassroots cadres called the "parent", no doubt, is the hope for the people are the masters. It can be said that in all cadres, grassroots cadres from the people recently, the most familiar with the masses of cadres, but also the most familiar cadres of the masses, not only is a direct representative of public opinion, but also the implementation of the policy. Unfortunately, some grassroots cadres have become the "king of the mountain" in front of people, I only use "tyrant" consciousness curse people especially, especially the party pit. In Hunan 25 "yanguobamao type of corruption of typical problems, involving the families of conscripts special allowances for disabled persons, training fees, poor households with low premium and so on, it can be said that these acts of corruption fiercer than tigers. The training fee, low premium is vulnerable people saving money, saving money to eat up take, seemingly small corruption, but in reality is the crisis to the lives of ordinary people in life, this is not alarmist, government subsidies, guarantee their basic living is the lowest, but from the heart and cut away, and the tigers have Yi? Well, it is necessary to ask the grass-roots cadres moral conscience, why law consciousness often fall? In fact, grassroots cadres are not in a vacuum, but the people are not the realistic context of right consciousness awakening, do not know how to regulate the behavior of supervision of cadres at the grassroots level, in addition to the grassroots cadres in the administrative system of the end there "speculation emperor far" some grass-roots cadres, plus some grassroots cadres have higher regulatory system, beyond the reach of, But here without the formation of the supervision organization effectively, which gave grassroots cadres dare to rush into danger space in reality and the interests of the temptation superposition, cynical chinakayao, with strong occupation. If the "tiger" corruption is "robbing the rich", then "the fly" corruption is "robbing the poor", from the nature and behaviour that flies type of corruption in the name of the party and the government not only pit pit party government, but also hurt people, the scourge of as can be imagined. The water can carry a boat can capsize. The grassroots cadres honest or not, directly related to the public support or not, therefore, grassroots corruption must not underestimate. Of the party since eighteen, tiger shot flies ", but to eliminate the" fly ", the sword of the law solid indispensable, the most important thing is to improve the supervision mechanism. First of all, to improve the upper daozhui checking mechanism, usually involving people’s livelihood policy projects and funds, to ensure that a pole inserted in the end, to deserve the hands; secondly, in the existing grassroots organizations on the basis of the establishment of supervision committee, such as the village level, the existing two village Committee, the villagers autonomous independent election the Committee supervision team, the supervision team can direct docking with superior supervision mechanism, so the formation of the three party control, can fundamentally eliminate corruption at the grassroots level. No)相关的主题文章: