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Yi was abandoned! Don’t worry Walton do a black ring [] to win the trust of others clapping by teammate overlook the good embarrassed Russell teach you how to resolve sports news October 10th. The Lakers nuggets Tencent in the preseason third war, they finally beat 124-115, in this game, Yi Jianlian did not get the opportunity to play, this is his season before the match was abandoned for the first time, to go with the United Arab Republic should play has no meaning, it is important that a need to understand how to change to get into the rotation opportunities. A couplet and high fives first, 3 minutes, second games third games, 10 minutes, 0 minutes, for Chinese fans, Lakers coach Walton frozen a joint practice is extremely bad, but as NBA level coaches, to emphasize the professional nature, what is a profession? Popular speaking, is the best use of their own tactics, the most suitable for this set of tactics to integrate the players, polished as a team to play the power of this tactic. Obviously, Walton will be a joint one after another on the bench, only that Yi Jianlian is not yet the team needed players on offense, the Almighty, the bounce, Yi than a team of these competitors, but as everyone knows, these are not Walton, Walton is to want. Warriors assistant joined the Lakers in Losangeles, he would inevitably apply warrior mode. The warriors win and 73 win season, they rely on the water brothers + Green + Iguodala Bogut sixth man, this is a core team, the Lakers, Russell and Clarkson actually played the role of Lewis Williams ", although the preseason has been playing with Russell first, but can be seen as a super six, can run, can shoot, transport, energy transfer Randall and small forward Green nance is one type, plus Rolle Deng, Ingram composed flank, many aspects of the Lakers rotation has actually formed. The only question mark where the team is the lack of a gate inside similar Bogut, on this team, striker and backcourt won almost the most offensive player inside, and more was given the mandate to do the dirty work, this is precisely a do not have, then in NBA, O it is not the United defender identity, Guangdong in the team is the team’s offensive core, let him become blue collar style, complete conflict. However, this is now a reality, is the plight of their own good, do not need to do, the team did not, which also led to the team, he is among the regular rotation, with contrast, is that although Black brown heita attack technology to the extreme, but he but at the confrontation, rebounding, a good defense will, this is the reason he can account for the advantage in the competition. In NBA, players "match up" is not a derogatory term, in contrast, is a clever reflected, regardless of whether Yi Jianlian is willing to change, he must recognize the need in what Walton Chu, clarify their position, a need to have a targeted adjustment, to adapt to the defense in the first place, identify the location, so that we can truly win the chance. (cat bear).相关的主题文章: