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Yiwu middle school teacher, leaving 400 thousand yuan donated to the school for most of his life lived in a dormitory of 18 square metre Cheng Chongyu Cheng Chongyu (left three) teachers seldom take photos, this is the only school to find photos. Yiwu City, the old high school building was built in the last century, in 70s, of which 18 square meters room, is the retired female teachers Cheng Chongyu spent the entire 34 year dormitory. 3 years ago, the old man died, but the room was kept as it was. The old man had a wish, her life to live frugally saved up savings of about 400000 yuan donated to the school scholarships. This period of time, have been removed from their posts, the original school union president Wen Hu and Yiwu fifth floor (formerly Su school) colleague has been back and forth to the Education Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, the notary office and other departments, wishes to complete for the elderly. The two time she was willing to give up affordable housing and living alone student dormitory, Cheng Chongyu, was born in 1934 in Songjiang District City, Shanghai Fengjing town of an ordinary family. In 1956, he graduated from Zhejiang normal college and was assigned to teach in Yiwu. In 1984, the Soviet Union high school after retirement, she is still in school for home until June 20, 2013, died of illness. The old man did not marry in his life. He walked into her room, where there was a bed, a table, a chair, an old leather case and a West Lake sewing machine. There was an erhu hanging on the window and calligraphy works on the wall. In this 18 square meter student dormitory with no toilet and no water, Cheng Chongyu spent most of his life. "She lives in the school dorm, and she can’t afford to buy a house." Lou Wen clearly remember that Cheng Yu gave up the affordable housing. One day in 2003, Cheng Chongyu was consistent with the affordable housing policy, the new house can buy a city by cost price. At that time the cost price was less than 200 thousand yuan, and a transfer could make hundreds of thousands. The president of the school union came to the door to explain the policy, and the result was interrupted by Cheng Chongyu. "What does an old woman do in such a good house?" Or let this quota be given to more needed people. " She said she was used to life in school and loved to live in school. Later, the town has a chance to purchase, she gave up again. She gave the students the rules I can see, no gifts in the colleague impression, Cheng Chongyu rarely buy clothes, the old sewing machine repair a lifetime of clothes for her. Among her remains, there is a untouched medical card. I have a headache and slight fever, she never go to hospital, buy the cheapest drug to the school Clinic, will deal with the past. "Her own frugal life, but generous to those who need help." Lou Wenhu said that in 1998, the catastrophic flood, she had retired 1000 yuan, the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, and she donated 5000 yuan. 28 years of teaching career, the process can be described as Chongyu students everywhere, Fengnianguojie students often come to visit. Every time the students came to see her with fruit and nutrition, she refused, "to see the teacher, but not to send things, except books." She did not accept other people’s courtesy, but others helped her, but she "fouled" herself. One day in 2008, Cheng Chongyu’s brother to take her back to Shanghai to worship, to borrow the tiger in the dormitory downstairs, so you don’t have to spend money to stay in the hotel. The tiger of the building readily promises. After coming back from Shanghai, Cheng Chongyu took a few pastries to show thanks to the tiger in the next door. Never accept the gift of Cheng Chongyu was to give their gifts, building the tiger surprised, repeatedly turned down. But the old man said again and again that she had to take her little mind. Shengqingnanque, Lou Wen Hu. "The way the teacher for a lifetime self, I just helped a little busy, she was so grateful. In her life, she really paid a lot and asked for little. " And leaving about 400000 yuan donated to the school scholarships in July 1984 after retirement, Cheng Chongyu continued to live in the school. Every morning, when the children get up, she is already on the campus. Seeing the light streetlight, she would close her hands. When she saw the tap dripping, she hurried up and tightened. Seeing the ceremony of raising the flag at the school, as long as the body is allowed, she will take part and stand more straight than anyone else. Although she has retired for many years, she has never forgotten the responsibilities of her teaching and educating. In ordinary times, if you can see which student or even the teacher does not do it, she will point out. She has repeatedly referred to the only direct family brother, Cheng Wenwei and the school leaders, to donate all their savings to schools for education. In June 20, 2013, Cheng Chongyu died of illness. Brother Cheng Wenwei in accordance with her wishes, her death benefits, pensions and savings, a total of about 400000 yuan donated to the school. "Mr. Cheng Chongyu is not till death, her spirit will encourage people to continue education in Yiwu." The head of Yiwu’s Fifth Central Committee said the school will set up a Cheng Chongyu scholarship as soon as possible to pass on the great love of Mr. Cheng Chongyu. Want to know the latest information on education, ask for educational confusion, share educational experience and experience? 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More information, please sweep the two-dimensional code of Zhejiang education information 原义乌苏溪中学老师留下40万元捐给学校 大半辈子住着18平米宿舍 程冲玉 程冲玉(左三)老师很少拍照片,这是学校唯一能找到的照片。   义乌市苏溪中学的老校舍楼建于上世纪70年代,其中有间18平方米的房间,是该校退休女教师程冲玉住了整34年的宿舍。3年前,老人去世,但房间一直按原样保存着。   老人有个遗愿,把她一辈子省吃俭用积攒下来的40多万元积蓄全部捐给学校,设立奖学金。   这段时间,已调离岗位的原苏溪中学工会主席楼文虎和义乌五中(原苏溪中学)的同事一直奔波于教育局、民政局、公证处等部门,为老人完成遗愿。   两次放弃经济适用房   她甘愿独自住学生宿舍   程冲玉,1934年出生于上海市松江区枫泾镇一个普通家庭。1956年从浙江师范学院毕业,被分配到义乌教书。   1984年,在苏溪中学退休后,她仍以校为家,直到2013年6月20日因病去世。   老人终身未嫁,走进她的房间,里面摆放着一床、一桌、一椅、一只旧皮箱、一台西湖牌缝纫机,窗边挂着一把二胡,墙上贴着书法作品。   在这个既没有卫生间,也没有自来水的18平方米学生宿舍里,程冲玉度过了大半辈子。   “她住在学校宿舍,并不是买不起房子。”楼文虎清晰地记得,程冲玉放弃了抢手的经济适用房。   那是2003年的一天,程冲玉符合当时的经济适用房政策,可以用成本价购买一套市区的新房子。当时成本价不到20万元,一转手就能赚几十万。   学校工会主席上门解说政策,结果话还没说完就被程冲玉打断了。   “我一个老太婆住那么好的房子干什么?还是把这个名额让给更需要的人。”她说自己一个人习惯了学校里的生活,喜欢住在学校里。后来,苏溪镇里又有一个购房机会,她再次放弃了。   她给学生立规矩   来看我可以,不准送礼   在同事印象中,程冲玉极少买衣服,那台老旧的缝纫机为她修补了一辈子的衣服。   在她的遗物中,有一张分文未动的医疗卡。平时有个头疼脑热,她从不上医院,到学校医务室买点最便宜的药,就对付过去了。   “她自己生活节俭,对需要帮助的人却毫不吝啬。”楼文虎说,1998年特大洪灾,已退休的她捐了1000元,2008年汶川地震,她又捐了5000元。   28年的教学生涯,程冲玉可谓桃李满天下,逢年过节常有学生来探望。   每次学生拎着水果和营养品来看她,她都拒收,“来看老师可以,但不能送东西,除了书。”   她不收别人的礼,但别人帮了她,她却自己“犯规”。   2008年的一天,程冲玉的弟弟来接她回上海祭祖,想借用下楼文虎的宿舍,这样就不用花钱住宾馆。   楼文虎爽快地答应。   等从上海回来后,程冲玉特意带了几块糕点给住在隔壁的楼文虎以示感谢。   从来不收礼物的程冲玉竟然来给自己送礼,楼文虎大感意外,再三推辞。但老人一再表示,要收下她的小小心意。   盛情难却,楼文虎收下了。“程老师一辈子自立自强,我只是帮了这么个小忙,她竟如此感激。她这一辈子,真的是付出甚多,所求甚少。”   省吃俭用留下40多万元   全部捐给学校设立奖学金   1984年7月退休后,程冲玉继续住在学校里。每天清晨,当孩子们起床时,她已经在巡视校园。   看到还亮着的路灯,她会顺手关上。看到水龙头在滴水,她赶紧上前拧紧。看到学校举行升旗仪式,只要身体允许,她都会参加,站得比谁都直。   虽然退休多年,但她从来没有忘记自己教书育人的职责。   平时,要是让看到哪个学生甚至老师有做得不对,她都会指出来。   她曾屡次跟唯一的直系亲属弟弟程文渭和学校领导提及,要把自己的全部积蓄捐献给学校,用于教育事业。   2013年6月20日,程冲玉因病去世。弟弟程文谓遵照她的遗愿,将她的死亡补助、抚恤金和所有积蓄共40多万元全数捐赠给苏溪中学。   “程冲玉老师是春蚕到死丝未尽,她的精神将会激励义乌教育人继续前行。”义乌五中负责人表示,学校将尽快设立程冲玉奖学金,把程冲玉老师的大爱传递下去。     想要了解最新教育资讯,请教教育困惑、分享教育经验与心得吗?那就关注新浪微博@新浪浙江教育,反映你的诉求和发现;或关注公众号:教育资讯一点通(zj_edu);或加入新浪浙江家长会,官方互动QQ群:62210056。了解更多留学资讯,请加入新浪浙江留学帮帮团qq群:280980058。 更多资讯请扫二维码 浙江教育资讯一点通相关的主题文章: