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Yongli Che’s "murder" through the trap of "cold war" Miriam Yeung Huang Xiaolei   Yongli Che Zhao Yuchu Sohu Sohu entertainment; entertainment news on Sunday, "we through it" to continue painting "Qingming Festival", 8 through the love beans are engulfed in conflict with the propagation of vortex, decoding are behind the mystery! Shen Teng Dicky Cheung autopsy case, fire security, Song Xiaobao Miriam Yeung, Huang Xiaolei venture into being blocked in crisis, "Hugh husband Yu Xiaotong" cruel sea…… After the broadcast, the wonderful performance star people clapped. Not only that, through it in the performance of the explosion table to help them, but also once again attracted the attention of the audience! In the latest two programs aired, "temperament gentle Tuguhun Princess Yongli Che of Shushan chivalrous biography", become domineering female boss! To do business, can make! Miriam Yeung Huang Xiaolei, a chef rob, bold spell "super salty" eat Fried rice with egg…… In "crossing the bar" in a remarkable performance, attracted fans praise wear "is indeed the two international actress, the car really can be considered after the session into the variety"! "Riverside" stars through for life is full of frustrations, Yongli Che digging deep professional routine! The chef grab war, Yongli Che bait, temporarily break the war ", seemingly the first venture of Miriam Yeung and Huang Xiaolei got a chance to recuperate, but poaching war continues, milk pot shop newly opened, chef Miriam Yeung Huang Xiaolei mysteriously disappeared, Yongli Che confrontation, fiery scene. This is a shopping mall contest, but ultimately the stars into a bizarre "unprovoked murder"! Is it an accident or something else? Through the Yongli Che of the Northern Song Dynasty, what is subtly malicious or domineering queen, Frank Rich Girl? Next week, "through the" final trigger "Hongqiao collision" crisis, "businessman" Yongli Che and in all sectors of the stars can bury the hatchet? More exciting, please pay attention to the next Sunday, September 4th evening 20:30, Sichuan satellite TV, we go through it in the second quarter!相关的主题文章: