Yunnan halt the development of small and medium hydropower has been built no longer expansion –

Yunnan stopped the small hydropower development has been built based on the current expansion of the Sohu is no longer news medium and small hydropower development and utilization of the new situation and the flood of abandoned water and ecological environment protection pressure, "the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government on the strengthening of small and medium-sized hydropower development and utilization management advice" before the date of issuance of the implementation, put forward some principles on development and construction of 250 thousand kilowatts of small hydropower is no longer below the station, no expansion of small and medium-sized hydropower stations have been built. Yunnan is a large province of water resources. After years of efforts, the power industry has become an important pillar industry, small and medium hydropower is an integral part of. After years of high-intensity development and construction, the province’s small and medium hydropower resources development rate has exceeded 80%, while also facing the flood season, such as the severe situation of abandoned water pressure. In addition, most of the hydropower resources have not yet been located in the ecological environment sensitive areas. According to the opinions, Yunnan is no longer the principle of the development of the construction of 250 thousand kilowatts of small hydropower stations, small hydropower stations have been built no longer expansion. "13th Five-Year" period, the province’s principle is no longer approved all types of small and medium-sized hydropower project approval to start a new. The province’s new small and medium hydropower installed capacity planning and project approval shall be submitted to the provincial people’s government for approval. At the same time, has been approved in 2 years but has not yet started the construction of small and medium hydropower stations, the original project approval documents automatically lapse, land resources, environmental protection and other administrative license documents in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the implementation. Without approval (APPROVAL) illegal construction of small hydropower stations, should be severely punished according to law, is strictly prohibited illegal construction of power grid operation. Yunnan provincial development and Reform Commission said that the current development of the end has been basically in Yunnan medium and small hydropower, but in the face of hydropower development of the province’s power waste water pressure, the backbone power plant to survive the difficulties as well as the province’s electricity demand slowdown, built small hydropower abandoned water situation is very serious, urgent need to change the way of small and medium-sized hydropower development and consumptive market. The security of Yunnan main power grid operation adjustment for County Economic development.相关的主题文章: