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Zencrate intelligent dog let the dog no longer anxious and fearful of Tencent digital news (Translation: m) if you keep a pet dog, want to let the buddy own more happy, so should not just let it eat healthy, so simple. And now this is called Zencrate in order to meet the needs of other dogs and health, let the dog live more happy. Zencrate Zencrate is the first intelligent dog "intelligent anti anxiety". At present there are about 17% dogs are more or less suffering due to noise, thunder or fireworks bring anxiety problems. At present, 37% of the families in the United States have at least one dog, so by calculation, about more than 40 million dogs in the United States are plagued by this problem. As with humans, dogs can also take anti anxiety drug alprazolam in a class, but for full-time office owners, it is difficult to let the dog to take medicine on time, after all, people and dogs are not exactly the same time. In addition, even after taking the drug, the efficacy of the drug to play the role of at least 30 minutes, but we do not know when a variety of loud noise will suddenly appear, so the effect of drugs is not ideal. In addition, it may be a way to dress the dog, but it is also a constraint to the dog. Generally speaking, dogs in fear, will choose the first time back into their nest, but even in the nest can also let them hear a sound of fear. Zencrate can use the built-in intelligent dog sensor, when detected after the dog back to the nest, let the dog can automatically play soothing music. Zencrate has more than 1000 music, so it can play different music in different situations. In addition, Zencrate can also isolate outside noise and stimulating light, and the shock absorption technology unique to neutralize the various abnormal conditions bring outside shock, let the dog in the house more calm. In addition, the Zencrate function is not limited to this, but it also has a built-in wireless network camera, the camera can be synchronized to the image of the master’s smartphone. Zencrate itself using detachable crate design, while the built-in memory foam can adapt to different varieties of dog shape and size. In addition, Zencrate close to the location of the dog there is another sensor, when the dog is close to the inside of the fan will be activated, so that the internal Zencrate to maintain the best temperature. At present, Zencrate has begun to raise the public on the Kickstarter, early bird price of $349 (about 2330 yuan), is expected to ship in December this year. Source: KickStarter life boring? Concerned about the number of Tencent WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), the old driver with you the whole point of the new play!相关的主题文章: