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Zhang Xiaoguang’s death hit the exposure system of the high speed charge rod Zhao Benshan. Zhang Xiaoguang, the scene of the accident, Zhang Xiaoguang Zhang Xiaoguang in the overturned motorcycle accident toll gate King Tiger friends Sina entertainment news yesterday, Zhao Benshan [micro-blog] apprentice, actor Zhang Xiaoguang died from a traffic accident, whether by accident or through illegal export of death? Cause the outside world to explore and discuss the cause of death. Today, according to local media reports in Shenyang, Liaoning province expressway management limited liability company held a press conference, Zhang Xiaoguang’s death that Zhang Xiaoguang driving a motorcycle to accelerate to follow the front SUV through ETC channel, is automatically dropped charges into the bar, fell dead. According to surveillance video exposure showed that Zhang Xiaoguang driving a motorcycle in September 21st 6 points to 02 points in the Sujiatun toll station with Liaoning AJ787S TOYOTA car from the entrance into the ETC lane highway, 1 hours to reach Zhangwu toll station, the traffic is 118 km journey, high-speed toll should be 55 yuan. But in the toll station, Zhang Xiaoguang driving a motorcycle to follow Liaoning AG9R95 TOYOTA Prado car, did not have to stop payment, but keep the high speed through the ETC toll lane, then hit the whereabouts of the automatic toll railing, eventually died. It is understood that the ETC channel rail hit Zhang Xiaoguang is in complete vehicle after deductions, automatically open automatically read vehicle information after the fall, traffic is a car with a rod, and Zhang Xiaoguang in the TOYOTA car speed, does not comply with a vehicle in a bar, so will be automatically released after the TOYOTA car re falling to hit the railing. According to media reports, Liaoning ECT landing rod material for resin, outsourcing a layer of sponge, the weight is very light, with their own buckle, a touch of external force will fall off. At the time of the incident, Zhang Xiaoguang also wearing a helmet, said he did not have blood, so this accident is still very accidental. As for the question of whether the motorcycle can be questioned on the issue of high-speed, China’s traffic laws have provisions, motorcycles can be on high speed, but must comply with the relevant provisions.相关的主题文章: