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Zhang Yuning: really want to break in at the Iran treasure every day Zhang Yuning national football game in Shenyang September 7th Xinhua sports news: Xinhua News Agency reporter Yue Dongxing approached Zhang Yuning Li Zheng flew back to Holland from China before, Zhang Yuning once in micro-blog shows a family photo: 14 years ago, he was 5 years old, the head of the Chinese cheering cheering banner, in the family under the leadership of China soccer team reached the World Cup glory to witness the scene. Today, the Chinese team only played in European leagues overseas players, not only play a role in the center of Iran team in the 12 finals debut, more for his "14 years all belong to the football World Cup dream charge into the enemy ranks. Speaking of the photo, recalled the childhood memories of the Warring States period of the game, Zhang Yuning 6 evening after the interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters interviewed quite emotion. "Sure, it’s exciting to be able to fulfill your dreams and play every game for the national team. It’s not easy to be able to achieve your dream. I will cherish every day in the national team, "he said. Zhang Yuning, born in 1997, appears to be more open and confident in the interview area than some shy teammates. When a reporter asked him, the first feeling can adapt to the rhythm of this game? Zhang Yuning then asked: "I think it’s okay, do you think you can adapt?" The reporter responded, I think you played very well." Zhang Yuning replied, "that’s good." Zhang Yuning’s confidence and growth, thanks to his experience in Holland. In March 6th this year, Zhang Yuning on the bench after only 3 minutes, with a powerful header, scored China players in the Dutch league’s first goal, help he played for Vitesse 2:1 lore Rhoda JC team, has won for his position in the club. Therefore, back to Asia to face Iran tall players, Zhang Yuning is not a disadvantage in the game. He said after the domineering and Iran players, for the confrontation, "don’t be afraid, not what problem". In the game, according to the platform operating domestic data record DATA ice sports "provided by the data, in addition to Zhang Yuning outside the area to a manufacturing team from the first attack on the door, but also for the ball 12 times, and the defense of due diligence, a total of 1 tackles, 1 steals and 5 fouls. Reflects the young players momentum. "Very excited. So many fans, to complete the official game of the first show, really excited." Back on just the end of the 90 minutes of fighting, Zhang Yuning is still full of excitement. Although the final 0:0 draw with rivals, he said it was a good result. "Bite the first point, for the future of our 12 game is a very important starting point". As the scarcity of strong center, 19 year old Zhang Yuning has previously selected China, National Youth Olympic team, and in February this year for the first time in the national team, the national team’s "three jump", called the Chinese football star of hope. In the first show after playing the feeling, Zhang Yuning has a strong desire to play, and eager to play against Iran on the road to defeat opponents. He said that if there is a chance to be in相关的主题文章: