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Zhao Wei on Venice: Chinese film and world judges of the gap is not so big Zhao Wei Phoenix Entertainment News (written in Phoeny) for the Venice Film Festival jury work busy 11 days later, Zhao Wei finally China actress on the last day of the festival, taking the time to accept the media interview Chinese. The time so nervous, for Zhao Wei is upset, she told reporters that many judges Daily: their average daily to see three films, often can see more than 12 points to the end of the night, and every three days will take a long time to come to the meeting. In the face of "questioning will fall asleep," Zhao Wei smiled and said, "this is the little secret." earlier in the statistics of the domestic media, Zhao Wei is after Maggie Cheung, Gong Li, Xu Feng, Joan Chen, fifth as Venice Film Festival jury Chinese actress. Today, Zhao Wei told reporters that the Venice to serve as judges and not as an actor, because the jury of the actress is too much, they will be zoned to the director that a classification. For the evening issued an important award for the best director, Zhao Wei said that in fact, other awards have been picked up by his judges reason. When the opening of the press conference, Zhao Wei said he came to the judges this time is to learn and progress. In the interview, Zhao Wei made special mention of Sam Mendes and Lorenzo · · the two Vegas director Zhao Wei seems, this time by the judges play opportunities, and no less foreign directors exchange experience, perhaps the next movie, you can see Zhao Weigen these directors are the exchange of learning achievements. The end of the interview, Zhao Wei also talked about the Chinese film missed the idea of the current Venice, she said that there is no finalists is a very normal thing, not only China is not shortlisted. After seeing so many movies, Zhao Wei felt that the gap between the Chinese film and the world is not as big as we imagine, as long as each film workers are working hard, Chinese film is still very promising. Zhao Wei Phoenix Entertainment: this time to Venice overall feeling is like? Zhao Wei: just a feeling, very tired, really want to go back. Began to feel that is to enjoy the movie, watching movies, it is a relaxed and happy process, the results are very very hard. Watch three movies a day, often until 12:30 in the evening. During the time to have a meeting, three days there will be a half day, so I do not have time to arrange Ricky. Phoenix Entertainment: watching so many movies, which one do you like best? Zhao Wei: now has not released the results, the Organizing Committee of our request is not to make any evaluation and analysis of the film. I just think, this time the different types of films in particular, there is a musical, as well as a large number of black and white movies, many for the film is a new attempt. Phoenix Entertainment: this time to Venice as judges, is the actor or director of identity? Zhao Wei: they asked me to be a judge, I was drawn to the director of the column, because the judges in the actress quite a lot, it is impossible to let so many actresses do judges, so I was assigned to the director group. There’s music in the jury, there’s a documentary,.相关的主题文章: