Zhejiang Taishun moranti influence has caused 1 deaths and 1 people missing-yo te amo

Zhejiang Taishun moranti influence has caused 1 deaths and 1 people missing in the new network in Wenzhou in September 15 Xinhua (reporter Li Tingting) Typhoon No. 14 this year moranti "external influence, Taishun County, Wenzhou City, It is raining cats and dogs. in Zhejiang province. Reporters learned from the Taishun county Party committee, as of 15 pm, the county has an emergency transfer of 12943 people, the death of 1 people, missing 1 people. Heavy rain raid, Taishun County town of Si River flood Zhong Xiaobo photo No. fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" in 15, 3 in the morning 05 points before and after landing in the coastal areas of Xiangan District of Xiamen City, Fujian Province, under its influence, from the beginning of 14, Wenzhou has been heavy rains. Among them, Wenzhou, Taishun and other places of greater rainfall wencheng. Reporters learned from the Wenzhou Meteorological Observatory, at 8 on September 15th – 15, 13, Taishun rainfall 240.6mm, up to 390.1mm. Heavy rain raid, Taishun County Sixi town residents in the self-help Zhong Xiaobo perturbation due to heavy rains, national security unit Taishun umayabashi three Quebec, Xiao Zhen Xue Zhai Qiao Cun Zhen Wen Wen Xing Bridge and heavy bridge was destroyed; highway 331 and multiple county roads, landslides, traffic disruption Manshui; power outage 21, involving 30 thousand users households; other disaster is under investigation statistics. In addition, Taishun County town, three Kui Zhen Si Xi, Shi Yang Zhen, Yang Zhen ya, Xiao towns and other township streets, houses by serious water logging. September 15th, Taishun orange rainstorm warning signal will be upgraded to Red Rainstorm warning signal, start typhoon I level emergency response. Heavy rain raid, Taishun County Sixi town residents of the housing mess Zhong Xiaobo photo it is reported that Taishun quickly organized forces into anti taiwan flood fighting work. The county civil affairs, health, agriculture, transportation, electricity, armed police and public security units, more than and 500 people rushed to the township first aid. Wenzhou armed police, public security and other dispatched elite forces to support Taishun disaster relief. The next step is still a large rainfall, Taishun county to the township, has ordered the relevant departments to continue to do the heavy rainfall defense work. (end) editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: