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Zhu Ting World Club Show Star value with the strength to speak to consolidate the status of Zhu Ting attack giants sina sports Turkey watt Keifer bank women’s volleyball team in the 2016 World Cup runner up ending. Although Zhu Ting did not represent the new club won the crown in the first season, but in less than one month with the team running situation still played a high level, the 4 game of 3 flagship won the king, by the court really laid the core position in the team attack. In the wealthy Zhu ting with the strength to speak first show significant value of Zhu Ting is China eye-catching star women’s volleyball team in the first fight of the year when to participate in occupation league players, but also to the world cup and the Olympic Games as the MVP of both traditional giants to join Turkey, paid watts Keifer bank, to her natural concern. Last year the bank failed to do so to the summit in the Champions League, the new season lineup has to adjust foreign aid, Brazil, Holland, Sierra. The main Booy Giese font and de Cruyff to leave, Zhu Ting is the only new foreign aid. The bank team brings together the best Olympic Games in Rio main Zhu Ting, best, best when Sloate Jess Tracy odd font MVP Hill and the 2014 World Championships, the 4 foreign aid has strong attack and positive career peak. Watts Keifer bank stars, Zhu Ting is the first Liuyang has a language barrier, while sitting on the high price, but the top occupation club will not because she made in the national team’s honor will be considered as the absolute main force, Zhu Ting to win the position only by speaking performance. The world cup is the first official game in Zhu Ting on behalf of the bank, the key is her position for team events. Although the team missed the title let Zhu Ting missed the competition MVP chance, but her overall play is better. In his teammates Hill and Sloate Jess once the poor state of the occasion, Zhu Ting assumed the bank team nearly 40% offensive missions and more for the adjustment of the storm. For the first time, and the need for cooperation with the second Naz shouldering a lot as a team, the heaviest burden of the 5 players, scoring 3 and Zhu Ting, Zurich state fluctuation match only in the third war, attack misfiring long time. Zhu Ting with high scores, high success rate and stability of the key points in the grasp, successfully hit the team’s top scorer, also established her team to attack the core position, debut season with performance reflect one’s own value. A heavy burden on the need to strengthen the sense of responsibility to try new things in future period star studded tile in the Club World Cup Keifer bank repeatedly beaten beyond all expectations "a bit of Zhu ting". When Sloate Jess and Hill the two main attacking point performance as expected, let Zhu Ting bear the burden of surge, nearly 40% attacks and is the focus of other ball pressure object. Zhu Ting has become the team performance by the first score, but with the main two Naz running need time, after the fluency and the effect is not as good as expected. Famous young Naz is Turkey’s first two game in recent years did not significantly improve, the distribution of the ball and passing are lack of stability. Not only with the font with not much to edge to attack the hand ball more hand attack yourself. Zhu ting the offensive burden, but also busy, also face to a second ball of unpredictability, the presence of more highly focused. As a hot star in the transfer market,相关的主题文章: